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Free E-Business Course

Web Business Lessons - Table of Content

how to start a free web business-lesson 1
  1. Introduction
  2. Having the right mindset for success
  3. Why you should do business Online
  4. How to choose the best Online work module (niche)

how to start a free web business lesson 2

  1. Your own business vs. working for someone Online
  2. How to do your own business Online
    • Create your own Website
    • How to become an infopreneur
    • How to bring your local store/biz Online
    • Providing Freelance services
  3. How to begin working for someone or a company Online
    • Finding full-time jobs Online
    • Finding part-time jobs Online
how to start a free web business lesson 3
  1. How to create a Website
  2. Choosing the right domain name
  3. Deciding on the best Web hosting platform
  4. Where to get free Web design tools
  5. Creating your first HTML page
  6. Creating content for your Website
  7. Where to find information for your Web content
  8. How to write for the Web
  9. Using images
  10. Where to get free images
  11. Editing images with simple tools
  12. Image sizes and compression
how to start a free web business lesson 4

  1. How to create a blog
  2. The difference between a blog and a Website
  3. What is the best blogging platform to use
  4. How to add content to your blog
how to start a free web business lesson 5

  1. 10 Mistake to avoid
  2. Top 10 HTML editors
  3. 10 ways to promote your Website for traffic
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • Search Engine Optimization (SME)
    • Cost Per Click Advertizing (CPC)
    • Cost Per Impression (CPI)
    • Email Marketing
    • Viral Marketing
    • Blog and forum posting
    • Offline Marketing

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