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Prestige Royale Discount/Loyalty Membership and United Bank for Africa (UBA) Opportunities

Steve Fynn’s ClickBusiness-Jobs: | About Prestige Royale International (www.prestigeroyale.net) is a Discount and Loyalty Network in partnership with United Bank for Africa and other companies in Ghana and Nigeria.
Plans are underway to build the largest Discount and Loyalty Network in all 19 African countries where UBA business offices exist.

Ghana n Nigeria, Make money from home with UBA bank and Prestige

NB:  There are many other companies online with similar names. You may find names like:
Prestige Royal Gardens
Prestige motors
Prestige royal woods
Prestige  roti maker
Prestige royal
All these names are not what is been referred to in this article. I am referring to Prestige Royale, an International discount and loyalty company.

This Membership is aimed at:

  1. Creating a community that provides enormous opportunities for its members.
  2. Providing a common business platform for its members to have access to cheap but quality goods and services.
  3. Promoting and advertising the brands of Prestige Royale International business partners or affiliates such as stores/shops.
  4. Making Africa part of the global marketplace by introducing an Online shop where members can even by products from the comfort of their homes. Visit the Website at presideroyale.net
  5. Creating wealth for Prestige Royale members and affiliate businesses alike.

The management board of Prestige Royale International Ltd plans to create the largest Discount Loyalty Network in all 19 African countries where United Bank for Africa (UBA) offices exist.
These countries include: Ghana, Nigeria, Chad, Cote D’lvoire, Benin, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Congo DRC, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, Zambia, Liberia and Guinea. UBA currently have offices in the above mentioned countries and are operating serious business there.
Soon, Prestige Royale shops and offices as well as the membership will be in operation in these countries.

What is a discount and loyalty Network?

Discount and Loyalty Network can be defined in simple terms as a group of business suppliers and customers that focus on providing products and services at reduced prices.

These networks of companies hold an unwavering allegiance to their members or customers to provide quality services to them.

So members of Prestige Royale Network get discount on everything they buy as members from partner shops and service providers.

Pre-Register for free today and Upgrade tomorrow

Prestige Royale Membership is unique. Why?

Prestige Royale membership is exceptional for the reason that it is NOT a one-party business. The partnership formed by companies like UBA BANK, VISA, IT CONSORTIUM, SAMSUNG, MELCOM GROUP, GLOBACOM, MTN, NALOSOLUTION LTD, and many other companies guarantees the authenticity of Prestige Royale Network.

The company is unique in providing it’s esteemed members great savings ever. Great savings indeed in all aspects of life; discount on the food you buy, travel, tours, hospital bills, hotels, clothing and more. Members get real value in these hash economic times.

Prestige Royale (PR) Membership Benefits

How do I benefit from Prestige Royale (PR) membership?
What do I get as a member?

You may be considering these questions in mind. True it is vital to know why you should become a member of this unique opportunity.

  • Prestige Royale Network Premium members are issued with a membership Verified by Visa prepaid card. This card is exclusively made for UBA and Prestige Royale International Ltd by Visa.
    Members don’t need a bank account in order to have the Visa card. It is customized for each member. The card can be used on over 2 million Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and over 20 million Point of Sale (POS) machines across the world.

    The Prestige Royale prepaid card is accepted anywhere in the world. It can be loaded in Ghana cedis GH¢ and withdrawn via ATM in any currency such as Dollars in USA, Pounds in UK, Dirham in Dubai, Naira in Nigeria, CFA in Benin Rep. etc, etc.

    This card is secured, it reduces the risk of theft in the sense that you hold liquid cash everywhere you go.

    Members will enjoy free unlimited calls from the PRI-5 service provided by our telecommunication network partners.

    What is PRI-5 Network?

    This is a value added service provided by Prestige Royale International Ltd to its cherished Premium members.
  • Members are given mobile SIM card from telecommunication business partners who allow them to communicate to other members and other non-members free of charge.

    The service also includes free SMS monthly and Free Internet Data.
    Non-members of Prestige Royale Network or Membership who want to have access to this free call service may buy the PRI-5 service at GH¢ 20.00.
  • The other benefit of Prestige Royale Membership is to get big discounts from over 500 stores. Because Prestige Royale International is partnering with many stores and wholesale suppliers, members will have the opportunity to buy products and services at wholesale prices.

    Prestige is proud to partner with stores and malls with the big names in Africa such as Samsung, Melcom Ghana, etc.
Prestige members also benefit from the Online shopping experience. The Prestige Online shop is a place to do all the shopping from the comfort of your home.

You can enjoy super-savings by shopping Online at the Prestige eShop at wholesale prices.

How to buy from Prestige Shop Online
  1. Just register as a member
  2. Download the Prestige eShop App onto your phone via Google Play. Click here to download. Or Click here to view the desktop site.
  3. Search for products and add to Cart or buy by clicking on the Buy button. 
  4. Enter your payment details.
  5. Relax in your home while your goods are delivered to your house. 
  • Now, let’s talk about another important benefit of being a Prestige Royale Member.
    As a member of Prestige Royale Network, you get paid a commission every two (2) weeks.

    Why does Prestige Royale International pay commission to its members?

    Prestige Royale International pays a commission to its members for spending their time and energy to tell friends and family to become part of the Network.
    So members have the opportunity to pre-register as many people as possible. Anytime the pre-registered members UPGRADE, Prestige Royale International pays you for your effort.

    Prestige Royale pays US$ 6.00 (equals 1000 Prestige Points) for each person that you register to become a Premium member.

    The fact is that, Prestige Royale pays you up to four (4) levels below you.
See the chart below:
prestige commission payment plan
Prestige Royale International Commission Plan
Prestige pays you US$ 6.00 (equals 1000 Prestige Points) for each of your referral and your referral’s referrals up to four (4) levels.

In this scenario, you earn US$ 120.00.

Suppose you registered 10 people and each of them registered 10 people, then your commission becomes $ 66,660.00.

LOL! (Laughing Out Loud)

These and many more are the benefits of joining the Prestige Royale International Membership opportunity.

Yes! You see, this is a great opportunity to grab hold NOW!

Unemployed /Jobless or Employed? Leverage the Prestige Royale opportunities today. Are you a banker? Don’t let this chance overtake you.

Teachers, limit your expenditure to about 80% monthly—join Prestige Royale Membership NOW!

Business owners—join the winning team. Let your business stand out of the crowd. Get a free platform to advertise your business to the multitude. Become an affiliate Partner to Prestige Royale International Ltd.

Students, make money with Prestige Royale commission and reward system while you school.

Moms, work at home with this Prestige Royale International Membership and the UBA bank opportunity.

Take Action Now! Click Here to Join

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